About Me

I’m Anisa, a certified Pediatric Sleep Sense™ Consultant with a soft spot for sleep deprived moms. Being a Mum myself has taught me a great deal on how important sleep is for both our precious little ones as well as the family as a whole. This mum experience got me to searching all over the internet, buying all sorts of books to help me get my baby to sleep. Luckily, in that search, I came across the Sleep Sense™ Program which is the No.1 SLEEP TRAINING PROGRAM in the USA, and has helped over 109,000 parents find the best and most gentle approach to solving their children’s sleep problems. Proud to say, I used the Sleep Sense™ Program to train my own daughter and this changed my whole experience and saved my life!

Keeping in mind my educational background where I completed my Bachelors Degree in Child & Youth Development, this was the perfect journey to pursue. I trained with the Sleep Sense™ Program to become a pediatric Sleep Sense™ consultant myself and am now beyond thrilled to have this chance to help other mothers who are in a similar situation as I was in. Fully equipped with all the tools, let us solve this problem once and for all, allow your child and yourselves to get the much-needed rest and sleep necessary to enjoy family life and parenthood.

I am overjoyed to know that over 200 families are now resting well thanks to my efforts. It is truly a humbling experience to know that I have made a positive impact on so many lives.

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Sleep Sense Certified Consultant

So, if you’re struggling with your child’s sleep, there are a couple of different ways I can help: an in-person consultation or a consultation via Zoom. Both include a customized, step-by-step plan to solve your child’s sleep problems.

The best way to decide which of these options is right for you is to call me for a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation. That will give us a chance to discuss your child’s specific situation and come up with some ideas for a solution.

For your free 15-minute consultation (or to book an appointment), you can call (+254) 792-523321 or e-mail: [email protected].