Success Stories

The Sleep Sense™ Method, created by Dana Obleman in 2003, has already helped thousands of parents just like you teach their children healthy sleep habits. It was my strong belief in Dana’s system that inspired me to become a professional sleep consultant, and I look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that my recent clients have been enjoying. Here are some letters from them:

You have really changed our experience as parents of a 5month almost 6month old baby. Before sleep training, our baby at 4-5 months would wake up every three hours at night even after having a full feed. It was so tiring bearing in mind both of us parents had resumed work full time. Especially for me, I could barely get anytime for myself because the baby was used to shushing, rocking and feeding to sleep(we were also co-sleeping) After 10days sleep training, our baby sleeps through the night (started this on day 4) and soothes himself to sleep. You can imagine our relief now. Having more time in the evenings for ourselves once the babies have slept. I am so glad we took up your services. You are very professional, supportive and a good coach to us parents who were anxious in the beginning. Highly recommend to any parent struggling with baby with sleep issues.

Thank you so much! It has made such a big difference in our home 🙂

– Barbara & Baby Jibril (9.5 Months)

We would firstly like to thank Anisa for giving us the best support and guidance through our entire sleep training for our little one!
we worked with her to assist us in sleep training our 4 month old baby girl and I wouldn’t have changed that for anything -we went from her waking up every 90 mins to 2 hours for a comfort feed to sleeping through the night.
Anisa was really understanding when it came to our baby’s needs and schedules and using that she assisted in creating a plan for her , our worry was that we will be communicating online through the process and how will this work?
To our surprise it worked so well for us because she’d be available on calls , messages and via email whenever we needed to speak to her.
We would highly recommend her to any new mom looking to sleep train their baby ! ❤️

– Kajal, Veer & Baby Shivali (5 Months)

Sleep training our little one is one of the best decisions we have made as new parents. By the end of the program, our daughter went from co- sleeping with us to sleeping in her own crib without a pacifier and swaddle for 10-12 hours a night.

Anisa made the process very simple and straight forward. She was there for us every step of the way, and even after the program had finished when we required adjustments to the sleep schedule. We couldn’t have made the transition without Anisa. Her tailored approach and on going support is invaluable. We’ve got our sleep back and couldn’t be happier!

– Aalia, Ali & Baby Ava (5.5 Months) (United Kingdom)

I am overjoyed to share my incredible experience with Anisa, who worked wonders in helping my 8 month old establish a consistent and healthy sleep schedule. As a parent navigating the challenges of sleepless nights and irregular sleep patterns, Anisa was a true lifesaver! From our very first interaction, it was evident that Anisa is not only knowledgeable about infant sleep but also posseses a genuine passion for helping other families with their struggles. Her warm and understanding approach immediately put me at ease, creating a supportive environment for discussing my baby’s sleep struggles. Anisa took the time to understand my little one’s needs and tailor made a sleep plan that was not only effective but also aligned with our parenting style. Anisa provided us with a wealth of information on infant sleep development, creating realistic expectations and goals for our baby’s sleep journey. The plan was a game-changer for our family with clear step-by-step guidance and support through the 2 week program. Throughout the process, Anisa remained a source of encouragement and support. Her responsiveness to our questions and concerns demonstrated a true dedication to our baby’s success in achieving a healthy sleep routine. As a result of Anisa’s expertise and guidance, our little one now sleeps soundly through the night, without the hassle of crying! I wholeheartedly recommend Anisa to any parent seeking support with their baby! Thank you, Anisa, for helping our family achieve the restful nights we so desperately needed!

– Sarsha, Mihir & Baby Kaden (8 Months) (Tanzania)

First and foremost, I would like to thank Anisa for her outstanding guidance throughout our sleep training program. We are immensely satisfied with the results. Our Son is now sleeping throughout the night and waking up more happier than ever before. Anisa’s support and expertise have been invaluable throughout the training process. Even after the two-week program, she remains available to answer any queries and offer advice. We highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a reliable and effective sleep training program.

– Dad, Mum & Baby H 💙 (3.5 Months)

I worked with Anisa to sleep train my 4 month old baby. Anisa’s approach is thorough, practical and effective. My baby is now fully sleep trained and Anisa is always quick to support me when I need additional tips on handling sleep when traveling with a baby, handling sleep during illness, and dealing with sleep regressions. I have felt supported and got my value for money! Baby and I are happy! 🙂

– Tanya & Baby Amani (3.5 Months)

Anisa has really helped in changing our lives…from a constant worried mother for both naps and night sleep to a relaxed mother. Our son has learnt the soothing skills and is able to nap well and also sleeps through the night. She was supportive through out the process and highly recommend her. Thank you again.

– Priti, Sharad & Baby Kian (5.5 Months)

Once we received our sleep plan – which carried very important steps on how to make our son’s routine flow for his well-being, it was shocking how quickly and easily we moved through our re-training of his sleep training. Anisa served as a concerned guide who regularly checked in and gave me the much need confidence to follow through <3

– Chandni, Nimit & Baby Yuvaan (2.4 Years)

Annika is now 18 months and my husband and I have been struggling with her sleep from the time she was born. She had split nights for the longest period. It was getting very frustrating and having no time for ourselves. Alas, came across an Instagram page ‘Save my slumber’. Got in touch with Anisa, who was very confident and sure of sleep training that would work. We found it too good to be true though! We started with the training on May 8th. Super nervous with how it would be on the first day. It went SUPER! Annika on day 1 of training slept through the night. The naps took a little longer but by day 3 we made it. The training was of 9 days but we were already there by the 6th day! It really was a miracle for us to see the progress so well and so quick! We are a month in from the time we started the training and it has been nothing but the best decision we have made. Anisa was there with us through it all and made sure we are okay. We still have 2 phone calls left from our package which we have not used as it was all so flawless for us!

To all the mama’s and papa’s, we recommend doing the sleep training 100%. It sounds difficult and not possible, but it really works and worth every bit! We all wake up so happy and energetic now! Thank you Anisa, you are amazing <3

– Reema, Darshil & Baby Annika (16 Months)

Anisa has truly transformed our parenting journey! I never appreciated the science behind sleep but Anisa told me to just trust her and follow the plan and what a game changer it has been. Within a couple of days, my daughter was sleeping her longest stretches and I was able to pack up her bouncer without which she was not able to sleep before the training. Teaching your little one a life skill that is crucial not only for their well being, but that of the parents too, is so important and I cannot thank Anisa enough for guiding me through this journey.

– Kajal, Yuvraj & Baby Sanya (5 Months)

Oh wow! How do I condense a sleep training session into a review? I was referred to Anisa by my sister. This was after looking into someone else. Anisa responded right away and with the mind of understanding my needs before talking about money. My experience was worthwhile. It took 10days to get my little one into a routine and I must say, this is one investment you will not go wrong with Anisa helping you learn some healthy sleep habits for your kids. Obviously, there’s always room for improvement but you’ll definitely go right with Anisa! Thank you!

– Sharon & Baby Ricky (13.5 Months)

Anisa has been so helpful with getting my son to sleep independently. I had to walk and rock him to sleep for all naps and bedtime. Now he has learnt how to soothe himself as well as sleep throughout the night. Her support throughout the two weeks has been amazing and she still helps out of the weeks with any advice. Thank you Anisa

– Nikhita, Kunj & Baby Kai (5.5 Months)

I would highly recommend engaging Anisa for your baby’s sleep training needs. Our baby used several props to sleep including stroller, pacifier and rocking, but using Anisa’s guidance and advice we were able to progress with our baby’s sleep. He now sleeps longer and can fall asleep on his own. Anisa is very professional and has in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience in this field. She cares deeply about the progress of your baby and will provide you with excellent support to get through this challenging period. Please contact her ASAP!

– Mummy, Daddy & Baby Safaan (5 Months)

The Sleep training was a Life changer. From needing multiple sleep props, my 10months old son is now able to sleep through most nights and takes proper naps. Anisa was very accommodating and we adopted a slower/ gentler approach and still saw great results quickly. It surely not easy to sleep train your baby but having a professional couch by your side makes a big difference. We are very glad we went for the training with Anisa.

– Jennifer & Baby M (10 Months)

The best decision I made was to have Anisa help me with a bedtime routine, Routine has made our life easier at home and it is everything that any parent need for their kids. I would definitely recommend Anisa to any mum for a sleep training program. Thank you Anisa!

– Mum & Ella (5 years)

Anisa is a great sleep consultant, she has helped me through many periods of sleep regressions and nap transitions with my baby, who has slept through the night consistently since she was very young. She is always available for a chat when needed, and is a lovely person. She is very kind and supportive, and very empathetic too. I highly recommend her services if you want a full nights sleep!

– Pooja P & Baby Nia (13 Months)

Before meeting Anisa, my hubby & I were exhausted, holding on by a thread. As first time parents it dawned on us pretty quickly that we were not quite as equipped as we thought to deal with the harsh reality of parenthood. The sleep deprivation was a turning point for us, funny how up until that point we took for granted the importance of sleep to function as human beings. So then we embarked on the sleep training journey. To be honest, I was skeptical, wasn’t sure if it would actually work but now I can happily preach that it really does work! Within the first 3 days our son had made tremendous progress and by day 7 he was putting himself to sleep, his body clock had reset and was meeting his wake windows and keeping up his naps, and to top it off he was sleeping through the night for the most part! If he woke up it would be momentarily and would put himself back to sleep with no intervention from us! He was eating better & surpassing his weight milestones and was visibly a much happier baby. And so were we! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough few days but staying consistent, as with everything else in life, pays off. We would 💯% recommend, such a worthy investment.

– Njoki, Hubby & Baby C


Until we did the sleep training program with Anisa, our 9-month-old son was fully reliant on breastfeeding to fall asleep. He would wake up at least twice a night and would need to feed to go back to sleep. This meant that his mum was barely getting any sleep as he couldn’t go back to sleep without her, and in the process his dad would often be woken up as well. Often it would take up to an hour for him to go back to sleep and she would get so exhausted that she’d bring him into bed half way through the night, so as to avoid going back and forth to his cot/ room. Naps would also be really hard as she would often spend more time trying to put him to sleep than him actually napping!

Starting sleep training was challenging on an emotional level but Anisa provided so much information and background research on the program prior to us starting and we also had detailed consultations with her, and so this helped to manage our expectations. Overall it was a tough week but with constant encouragement and follow-up from Anisa through calls, texts and emails, we were able to be consistent and stick it out. AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT! Within one week our baby was sleeping through the night! We couldn’t quite believe the progress we had made. He’s also having fuller feeds during the day because he’s not comfort feeding at random times of the night. It’s honestly been life-changing to our family as he’s now on a structured routine. Also, now either his mum or dad can put him to sleep, they are both getting good nights’ sleep so have more energy to actually spend with their baby and with each other. We are still working on improving naps but after working with Anisa for 9 days we have a strong understanding of the process required and a determination to make it work.

– Simine, Karl & Baby Salman (9 Months)
We did the sleep training program with Anisa and are thrilled with the results. As new parents, we were a little nervous before the program, because there is a stigma attached to sleep training.
With the assistance of Anisa through the course, we have been able to teach our baby the most important life skill of falling asleep on his own. He wakes up happy!
Our family is happy and energised every morning, thanks to Save my Slumber.
– Baby Ryan, Mum & Dad (4.5 Months)

The things were tougher before sleep training, bouncing to get her to sleep, waking up in the middle of the night to be rocked, wouldn’t sleep on her own, very dependent on us to go to sleep. It was tiring as parents to get our baby to sleep.

After the sleep training, we have a routine and schedule to follow, she goes to sleep on her own in her cot, we enjoy the bedtime routine as it has lead to bonding time as well. Baby is much happier and growing well.

The support from Anisa was very supportive, available for any queries and it was a smooth process. We appreciate the constant follow ups and check ins to make sure we are doing right thing and less stressful.

– Baby Maanvi, Mum & Dad (14 Months)

*Save My Slumber Definitely Saved Our Sleep*

Prior to the program Baby K was rocked to sleep for all his naps and bedtime! His sleep patterns were slightly irregular. Going ahead with the training has been life changing for us! K has now learnt how to sleep so much better and soothe himself to sleep, dropped his night feed & sleeps through the night. For us, our life is a bit more predictable now! We can now peacefully plan our days and week out or have dinner without being on the edge that he will wake up anytime now!

Anisa was so flexible in tailoring the program for Baby K and so detailed which included wake windows, nap times, feeding time, where to feed amongst so many other things. Within the 5th or 6th day into the course Baby K had already picked up the skills. Anisa has been super patient with us. She was so helpful and by our side through out and never once hesitated to answer even any silly questions we may have had. Her kind & friendly demeanour made the whole process so smooth for us. I would highly recommend Anisa anytime, as much as sleep is so important for babies it’s equally important for us parents too. Sleep is the cure for everything. We are so grateful to her!

K’s become ever more smiler and happier than he was! Thank you so much! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

– Baby K, Mum & Dad (5 Months)
We want to say a big thank you, for guiding us through the sleep training program for our daughter.
Previously, Chayil would wake up up to 5 times a night and each wake would last for say 30 minutes and several times my attempt to sneak out of the room would wake her up. You can imagine where this would leave me… tired and irritable.
I remember on day 1 I mentioned that I did not have the strength to see or hear her cry…. because she cried for a whole 47 minutes, you encouraged me, we pulled through the tough season. You’re consistency in checking up on us and advising on tips to follow is impeccable. I still can’t believe that she sleeps through the night (7:30 pm to 7:00am) and that she does not need night feeds…. THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!! Leave alone long naps that she now takes…before sleep training she would nap for 45 mins max, now she does 1.5-2 hours of sleep during the day.
I guess I was not prepared for this transition, I mean I was not used to sleeping through the night… I remember on day 1 and 2 waking up a couple of times to go check on Chayil. I can’t believe that these days after our night routine I kiss her good night and she soothes herself to sleep and we meet in the morning.
Chayil has put on weight I believe it’s because of getting adequate sleep and improved feeds as a result.
Anisa, thank you for guiding us through this journey, bless you heart, patience and consistency!!! Thank you!
– Best wishes, Julius and Tabither & Baby Chayil (15 Months)

Prior to the program baby Z was always being rocked to sleep for all his naps and bedtime. We at first were very skeptical of the sleep training but after speaking to Anisa on various occasions we decided to go ahead with it.

The first few days of the program was difficult but Anisa’s kind and friendly approach made the whole process smooth for us.

We have been able to understand our baby’s needs much better after the training. Baby Z has been able to sleep well on his own and throughout the night.

– Baby Z, Mum and Dad (8 Months)

Soo,my baby since three months old couldn’t sleep during the day at all and the most stressful thing again is she will still wake me up four times at night after struggling to make her sleep.This used to take a toll on me in a way I wasn’t productive at work and also sleep deprived and unhappy always,but then I thank God I met a sleep therapist through referrals going by the name Anisa Samnani who truly helped me and my daughter. She introduced me to a ten days program that changed my baby’s life and mine.Am now a very happy mum with a happy baby who sleeps during the day and also for the whole night till morning. She only wakes up when it’s morning having had a good sleep .it only took three days for my My baby to adjust of which I didn’t see it coming.I really appreciate you Anisa,you are God sent!

– Mary & Baby Marie (16 Months)

For Aanya we reached a point where we felt we were affecting her well being and growth and our peace due to the her sleep cycle.

She got to a stage where she would only sleep in our bed in between us. Any movement of either of us waking up and she would wake up irregardless of the time (I wake up at 4.30 at times) and she would find it difficult to go back to sleep and eventually get to playing or just lying around. This led to haphazard naps in between and everyone being all over the place.
Also Aanya used to wake up middle of the nights and take a long time to go back to sleep leaving us all tired and exhausted.
Any sleep/nap routine involved half an hour to 45 mins of cuddling and rocking and patting before she would fall asleep and wake up within 40 mins (unless in bed with us then maybe pull it longer)
The whole routine was affecting her sleep tremendously!
We were eventually recommended to Anisa for sleep training. As much as we wanted to bring in the drastic changes needed We felt we had reached a no return zone and were skeptical on how the changes would come (1 year of bad sleeping habits can’t be cured in 10 days surely!)
Having figured nothing to loose we did go ahead after bugging her with 100s of questions.
Within the 2nd day we saw a big change in the sleeping patterns and she started accepting sleeping in her cot alone.
By day 6 or 7 the whole program was a easy breeze walk through and Aanya was sleeping alone, sleeping through the nights and more important became a happier baby (coz she was finally sleeping well) and also started eating better.
For us her health and happiness was of paramount importance and we achieved it.
With Anisa she was always prompt to reply to us and console our anxiety and guide us through the journey. She was incredibly patient and a pillar we needed to achieve our goals
I would highly recommend Anisa to everyone to achieve their sleeping goals for the child!

– Baby Aanya, Keval & Komal (13 Months)

We did sleep training when my daughter turned 4 months. Before sleep training with Anisa, we used to rock my daughter to sleep for a whole hour, and even then tiptoe around her when she was sleeping so we didn’t wake her up, we had no clue about sleep windows at night and every time my daughter woke up we used to feed her and entertain her and this went on until 11/12 am sometimes, it was exhausting, and it takes a toll on you as a parent too.

After sleep training my daughter (btw it wasn’t hard, the toughest was the first night but Anisa really helps you prepare for it mentally and emotionally) now she sleeps thru the night, her growth is better and she is a much happier baby who has learnt to self soothe herself to sleep and stay sleeping, she sleeps in her own room and is independent. Thank you so much Anisa for changing our world! It’s so true when they say that there is nothing out there for our babies after 7pm so why ruin their sleep schedules and their growth for one’s own selfish needs to socialize. I’m so grateful for Anisa and my baby is much happier now and independent on her own. Thank you Anisa!!! Sleep training is life chaining!

– Baby Kaira, Prishita & Hemim (4 Months)

Thank you for your support in sleep training my little girl.
I remember before sleep training with you, she was waking up every hour at night and was
feeding a lot at night and I used to rock her to sleep. We also did not have any schedule for her.
During sleep training with you you helped us to create a schedule that favoured our baby. She
now sleeps through the night and takes naps well during the day.
Thank you so much for your support to us.
We are really glad for the opportunity to have worked with you.

– Magdaline and Baby Grace (6 Months)

We used Anisa as a sleep trainer as our baby was sleeping well, but we just needed to feel a few things for him and us to have a full nights sleep. Since her help our baby has been sleeping really well, and his first tooth came out without much trouble due to the good sleep he was having. We have also been on holiday where he slept in different cots and was absolutely fine.
Thank you Anisa

– Baby A, Mum and Dad (4.5 Months)

We weren’t sure if we were going to go ahead with it when we first began. We used to do it all from holding, rocking, co sleeping etc but with a lot of patience, consistency and 100% support from Anisa we now have a baby who sleeps through the night and take day naps well too.

Anisa has guided us so well throughout this difficult journey and showed us what we were capable of doing with a little bit of patience. We are able to understand the baby’s needs better and are able to reach our milestones with ease.

Thank you Anisa for being very patient with us. We are now able to balance our time and lives much better. We highly recommend her!

– Baby D, Mum and Dad (7 months)

“Anisa helped us create a suitable schedule for our Baby that has helped him thrive – sleeping better and tackling sleep windows; and in turn allowed us as a family to settle better; uncompromised sleep and heartier time spent when baby is awake. She has been patient and extremely responsive through this journey. Thank you Anisa.”

Thanks once again Anisa,

Be blessed always.

– Our best, Daddy, Mummy and Baby Ry (7 months)

Thank you Anisa for giving us great insights to a child’s sleeping pattern and your program.
Your great techniques were successful and our 5 year old not only sleeps in her room throughout the night but throughly enjoys and looks forward to it every night.

Thank you for your compassionate and patient approach. All the steps were explained so well and they worked like Magic!

We highly recommend Anisa, save my slumber

– Nancy, Amal & Meher (5 Years)

I first met Anisa when she had conducted a seminar at wiggles and giggles. Her Seminar was so insightful and me just being 2 and a half months postpartum decided i will use her tips and tricks starting from 3 months itself. It worked well for me until I didn’t realise my baby’s day time naps got so problematic. I then approached Anisa and she picked out that my baby is going through a nap transition and Anisa came up with a schedule for me to help my baby sleep better during the day and night. The first few days were tough but after a few days all of us just got into a very smooth rhythm; in terms of you know what to expect when and it just helps you plan your baby’s activities and the parents schedule as well. Thank you Anisa for guiding me through and making this aspect of sleep in Parenthood alot easier! I would recommend Anisa to all the new parents out there because as much as sleep is important for our babies it is SO important for parents as well, because well rested parents really do give their best to the baby!

– Bhumi, Satyajit & Baby Ambika (7 Months)

Im a first time mum and, I was introduced to Anisa by a good friend of mine who’d successfully undergone “sleep training” or what I’d like to call “teaching your baby to rest enough” with her little one. They had developed a great resting schedule which is vital for babies growth. I was afraid of how my LO would respond to this as from 1-3 months, she was used to lying in my arms and sleeping on me the whole day. She would sleep feed during her day time naps and before bed time, this was something we had become used to.

Anisas guidance has involved my LO moving to her own room, and sleeping independently from her day time naps through to night time sleep. This is fantastic! It has been so good for her getting full naps, and proper night time rest. New to this concept, I was sceptical that within 10 days only, she would adjust. I was afraid of the crying and feeling like I’m abandoning her.

My husband and I were very happy with the programme. We followed all the advice given, and stayed strong and within 4 days we had started to develop a schedule that worked for our LO. 3 Weeks later, it’s safe to say that her naps have become very consistent, she is sleeping through the night from 7pm-6.30am. We were able to sustain her naps even when we went away for the day, as they have become normal to her. This has been overall very good for her development, she is well rested through the day and is not frustrated so, she’s been more patient with excersises like tummy time,  which is really important. Her feeding schedule has also meant that she’s feeding much more – getting full feeds atleast times a day, and this has been great for her growth and also her digestion.

Being able to do this with my LO has allowed me to get back to working from home as I can schedule my work, virtual meetings and also get some time to take care of myself around her consistent schedule, so I can be the best version of myself. My LO loves routine and creating a resting routine has been paramount for her health and wellbeing overall.

I would highly recommend sleep training with Anisa to any first time parent.  Her guidance and advice was amazing, her experience and expertise spoke volumes and she understood every question that I had and was able to help me through any challenges we faced. Her suggestions always came through.

– Georgina, Chris & Baby Ellie (4 Months)

Anisa is an excellent sleep training coach. She was quick to understand our unique situation and tailored a plan that not only fit our little one’s needs but would also work around our daily routines as working parents. Our son now has a more predictable nap schedule and is able to not only get the rest he needs but is also able to sleep through the night with minimal interruptions. Thanks so much Anisa!

– Reema & Baby (6 Months)

Thank you and a big Asante anisa for giving me and both my girls a good sleep. A new mother can only ask for a good 8 hour sleep and u made that happen. I truly recommend anisa to all new mums struggling with night feeding and waking up every 3 hours to feed. She kept me in schedule and even for day time naps and guided me through so many mistakes. thank you even though we haven’t met And are miles apart you still held my hand and we’re patient with me. Asante!

– Natasha, Alkabir & Baby Nevaeh (4 Months)

We were going through a sleep regression, where putting him to sleep took ages because he would refuse to sleep and he woke up multiple times at night, some times without a reason. We then spoke to Anisa, who walked us through the process and explained everything to us, even before we agreed to sleep train. She guided us through out the sleep training, it did not matter what time it was, Anisa would always be there and answer us. And thanks to her, we now have a baby that sleeps through the night which means we sleep through the night. The best part is, that he falls asleep by himself, no props.
Thank you Anisa for helping us give our baby this gift.

– Krishan, Ektaa & Baby Pranil (4 Months)

When it came to our baby girls sleep pattern we were totally wrong. We thought it was normal waking up multiple times in the middle of the night. Little did we know this affects the growth of our baby and her mum and I were constantly tired. With such exhaustion we couldn’t even concentrate on work or our own lives. My work day would start as early as 6am and it was difficult to cope with that. I was constantly moody at work due to sleep deprivation. We then had to make a change and so we remembered our good friend Anisa. She developed a good sleep training program for our little girl. We started the sleep training at 4 months. It was unbelievable. Within 4 days our baby was sleeping through the night. Sleep training is a very emotional process. With Anisa we got good motivation and encouragement that kept us going. With this sleep pattern/training/routine her milk intake and her growth got even better. My wife and I were afraid to look into sleep training at the start because I thought the costs involved would be enormous but Anisa was very reasonable with her pricing. So it worked really well for us. She was always available on email and phone call. Her feedback was great. If we do have a second baby we will definitely work with Anisa for sleep training. Thank you Anisa for giving us our lives back.

– With love from Druvi, Raj & Baby Diya (4 Months)

Choosing to Sleep Train our little one was a very hard decision. Riyaan was a pretty good sleeper at night but it would take a lot of time and a lot of bouncing and walking and singing to put him to sleep!

Anisa’s customised sleep training plan worked really well for him and us – putting him on a routine and teaching him how to fall asleep on his own made our lives much, much easier. We also really loved how Anisa adjusted the plan to better suit Riyaan and our preferences.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Anisa to anyone who is looking to sleep train their baby! She was so kind and patient, she was always available to speak to us and she definitely in is an expert in this area! 

Thank you Anisa!

– Lots of love from a well rested mama (Reema), papa (Imraan) and Baby Riyaan! (4 Months)

Gosh we were doing it all wrong, we just didn’t know it. Our boy would sleep over 6hrs during the day, he had so many sleep props that at the time I didn’t know.
We had really bad nights where I felt as though my baby didn’t love me. I would drive to work at 4am sleepy just to get some 😴😴😴 at my workplace’s carpark.
A friend turned me to Anisa and the rest, was well pure magic. She developed a ten day program specifically for my son that steered him towards a healthy sleep and feed schedule. She was always available, ready to listen and extremely encouraging especially during the hard nights because the journey of sleep training is emotional to both mother and baby.I loved that all I needed to improve his sleep were things I had at home already so it wasn’t an extra budget.
One night I woke up in a panic that I had overslept through my baby’s cries for me only to find him sound asleep.. that was just how much I was used to his night wakings.
We started at 7 months and now we are 8 months old. My baby has 2 naps during the day and sleeps from 6.30pm to 6 am now. He puts himself to sleep and if he wakes at night, he is able to sleep again without anyone’s help.
I can’t stress enough how much this program has helped not just my son but my whole family.. even my neighbours lol 😆. Thank you Anisa from the bottom of my heart.

– With love and blessings from Natalie and Baby Remi (8 months)
I was quite skeptical at first when I heard about sleep programs. It sounded like magic, to have a baby sleep throughout the night without rocking, bouncing or holding to sleep.
That’s until I had a one on one with Anisa. She planned out a sleep plan, that was flexible and fit into my day, rather than my life revolving around naps. She stuck with me patiently through all my questions and impatience! And even once we were done with the program, she kept checking up and helped me through all the bumps along the way!
Thank you anisa!
– Azraa and Baby Maahirah (3.5 Months)

It took us almost 45 minutes to put our 7 MO baby to sleep while rocking, swinging and playing the jalebi baby song. He barely slept for 30 mins for his afternoon naps and woke up multiple times at night for comfort or feed.

We started the routine with Anisa and saw a change in his naps from DAY 1!! He slept for a total of 4 hours to a point we actually had to wake him up from naps every single day there after.

She didn’t just guide us through but was also patient and gave us the assurance that things will be much better.

The first two nights were rough on both the baby and us. On the third day he slept through till 3:30 am and from night 4 onwards he has slept through himself in his own room!!!

It’s unbelievable how easy it is to put him to bed now. We literally just put him in his cot and walk out of the room until the next morning.

Can’t thank Anisa enough!

– Hiral, Bhav & Baby Paarth (7 Months)

We had both good and bad nights before training our little one and the bad nights were unbearable; we would wake up exhausted and tired.

I came to know about Anisa’s Sleep Training and approached her to help us out.

She came up with a sleep schedule and guided me all through. She has been wonderful, she’s always available, even today!

Thank you so much Anisa for helping us make Shivaay learn how to self soothe and sleep independently.

– Love from Shivaay, Ashish & Aarti (10 months)

We always tried to maintain a sleep routine for Abir, but we were not able to get Abir to self soothe and sleep independently. Anisa helped us come up with a better sleep schedule, adjusted it according to our needs and helped us teach Abir how to sleep independently. This did not only help him sleep better, it also taught him how to play on his own and keep himself busy without needing someone else around all the time, as compared to before. This journey was very emotional and at times really tough for us but Anisa was there at every step to guide us no matter what the time was, she encouraged us so we would not give up in between and really motivated us to keep going. Anisa was a great and a very accommodating coach; her service exceeded our expectations!

– Umesh, Shivani and Baby Abir (6.5 months)

Dear Anisa,

When I reached out to you at 3am one night in June, I thought I would lose my mind if I didn’t get saved. My son who was 7 months at the time was literally driving me insane with cries and night wakes. We had a manageable schedule which worked during the day, but at night he barely slept. He was up every 45 mins between 11pm and 3am to feed; then from there he would stay awake till 5.30am. This sleeping schedule was unmanageable for me as a working mom.

I saw your reviews online and thought why not try this. When I reached out, I was totally desperate for a solution with my little one. To be honest, I was skeptical during our first call that we could sleep train my child, but I accepted the challenge. You were so easy to talk to and flexible. Once we started, the first two nights were hard on me as he cried non-stop for a few minutes but you urged me to be strong and something miraculous happened, he never woke up till 8am the next morning. I remember sitting next to his bed till 1am waiting for him to wake up but nothing.

Once the 10 day program ended, I had to fix my own sleep as I was used to waking up several times at night. My son became a happy child and his appetite improved, he had a predictable schedule which made everything easier for everyone in the house. I am so grateful to have sent that desperate message one night at 3am, it changed my life and my son’s life honestly. It brought you into our lives and you changed it for the better alhamdulilah. My son now sleeps at 8pm and wakes up at 8am. He is a happy child now, no longer cranky and clingy. He is 11 months today and taking scary first steps, something he wouldn’t have done if he didn’t have sufficient rest.

Thank you Anisa. I pray you help more mums out there who need help with their little ones. You saved my sleep in a literal sense!!!

– Nasra & Baby Farah (9 Months)

I must say this was a painful, emotional, yet a very exciting journey. Anisa was very helpful and supportive throughout the program and our baby now has a good routine in place and sleeps through the night. 🙂
Thank you Anisa!

– Sneha, Bharat & Baby Krish (10 Months)

We always knew the basics of sleep training and made sure we followed a sleep schedule for Norah. But babies…if you’re not consistent, you’re up for sleepless nights 🙈
Anisa helped us execute a schedule and get Norah to self soothe and sleep by herself, succeeding step by step!
Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to pull you through the tunnel even if you know the way through it.
We wake up happy, beautiful and handsome thanks to a good night sleep! 7.45pm to 7am!

– Baby Norah, Priyanka & Chirag (10 Months)

Anisa is a wonderful sleep trainer. She takes a compassionate, empathetic and patient approach. As new parents we immediately felt comfortable as she guided us through the process. She clearly and thoroughly explained how to go about everything, and followed up to ensure we were fully understood what to do. She went above and beyond, and we would not hesitate to recommend her services!

– Qainoor, Faisal & Baby Azaria (4 Months)

Before we spoke to Anisa, we thought 𝒩𝓎𝓇𝒶 was an alarm clock that went off every two hours, no matter the time of day! That soon came to an end after Anisa’s patience, guidance and encouragement with sleep training.

She was always available and had positive words to keep us motivated any time we felt deflated.

We can now enjoy time to ourselves, and have a sneaky couple of glasses of wine at the end of a long day!

Thank you, Anisa, for finally allowing us to have a routine in our lives.

-Devi, Neer & Baby Nyra (5 Months)

Save my slumber quite seriously changed our lives. We went from rocking/feeding & waking up multiple times at night to our little boy sleeping through like a champ. It was a painful and emotional journey but Anisa was very helpful and supportive, she was following up everyday and assuring me everything was alright. Now our little boy sleeps throughout the night. Thank you so much Anisa.

-Saira, Nish & Baby Khian (4 Months)

Dearest Anisa,
We are so grateful for your help with our sleep training journey. You have had such a positive impact on us as a family & we want to thank you for all your help.

– Love, Nagaria Family (4 Months)

We decided to give Anisa a call when a family member had mentioned that they just used her services and it worked wonders for their little one. It was just about the best call we have made. Our little boy now sleeps through the night at 4.5 months without a pacifier. He wakes up a few times but puts himself back to sleep. Being less tired parents we can now spend quality time with him during the day. Thanks Anisa.

Riffat, Sunil & Baby Ilyaan (4 Months)

Being a first time mother can be daunting. It is the greatest physical, spiritual and emotional evolution of a woman’s life.
I was struggling with finding the right routine for my daughter. Aiyla would only catnap throughout the day and for each nap, I would have to hold her in my arms for her to fall asleep – only for her to wake up when I put her down in her bed.
After the training with Anisa, Aiyla is now sleeping on her own with no pacifier or the need for me to hold her to sleep. Her naps have improved and we both enjoy her wake times a lot more.
Anisa was there every step of the way. She was always available, not only throughout the training, but after also.
I would definitely recommend her. She is great ☺

Alyana, Irfan & Baby Aiyla (4 Months)

We had been struggling with Zenia’s sleeping routine since she was 8 months old. She was not getting enough sleep during the day, she would sleep very late at night and she was also not sleeping in her own bed. When she turned 15 months, we decided that it was time to seek help. A friend referred us to Anisa and we got in touch with her.  Anisa took us onboard and guided us very well through the entire process. She followed up daily and she made us feel very comfortable. She was extremely supportive throughout the entire process. We perfected Zenia’s sleeping schedule and she finally got used to her own bed. Now she wakes up fresh every morning, eats better, naps on time and sleeps on time. As a bonus, me and my husband have more quality time to ourselves! Thank you Anisa!

Anum, Adil & Baby Zenia (16 Months)
Save my slumber couldn’t have come into our lives at a better time for our 4.5-month-old son!
We already knew the benefits of laying a healthy sleep foundation and had even implemented a couple of tools to help Qail build a sound routine.
When Qail turned 4 months old, we noticed that he is able to sleep longer stretches and was showing signs of being ready to fall asleep independently. However, he was also accustomed to a certain level of rocking and pacifying when he would fuss to go to sleep. He also woke up multiple times in the night and would struggle to go back to sleep simply because he didn’t know how to. We reached out to Anisa to find out how we can help Qail. We are extremely impressed with her efficiency. She has been thorough from day 1, from the consultation phone call to explaining the sleep plan in detail and following up with us on how we were doing. The highlight for us was that the support she provided was in line with Qail’s needs. We did not have to enforce anything on our baby that he wasn’t ready for or that wasn’t healthy for him. Qail is now a happier baby and manages to sleep through the night on his own. He has also improved a great deal with his naps and rarely requires intervention now. This has definitely been a worthwhile investment for our family. Thank you Anisa!
– Aleem, Romaana and Baby Qail (4 Months)

“The best decision made was to have my baby sleep trained with the help of Anisa a certified sleep consultant at savemyslumber. Great service with amazing patience, support and understanding. I was really in good hands and my baby sleeps on her own. Thank you so much Anisa, a big difference has been made in our lives as a family and most of all our baby can sleep much better.”


– Kulsum & Baby Rheya (10 Months)

Hi Anisa!

I think Anisa reached out to be about a month ago asking if I was interested in sleep training Zeke (my 7 months old son). And since then, she kept following up with me and encouraged me to get started with the process. We spoke and made a plan for Zeke and we started in mid March. It was a painful journey but I am so glad we did it and we couldn’t have done it without Anisa! She was available for help from morning until Zeke went to sleep and even middle of the night sometimes! If there were things we werent comfortable with, she was willing  to make changes in the plan and modify to meet Zeke’s needs! Zeke was a horrendous sleeper before March  and now he is like a new baby, we had to rock him to sleep and it  took ages for him to fall asleep only to wake up every 1-2 hours all night. Now, Zeke’s takes a few minutes to fall asleep at bedtime and gives us ATLEAST 7-8  hour stretch  if  NOT LONGER. Sometimes he sleeps right through from 7 pm  to 7 am! I never expected this outcome and we are so grateful! She mentioned that this would change my life forever, but  i never believed it and now it is REAL! My and my husband have our bed back, our nights back and Zeke gets his full nights sleep! WIN WIN! Highly recommend!

– Megha, Irfan & Baby Zeke (7 Months)

We are extremely grateful to have had Anisa assist us in sleep training our 4 month baby. After the go-ahead from our paediatrician and first consultation with Anisa, we knew this is the right thing to do for him and ourselves as a couple. Before we began this magical journey of sleep training, baby would wake up multiple times at night for feeds and would then want to play, he was agitated and irritated during the day from being fed to sleep and not getting enough nap time, and we were just very tired parents dreading night time.

After the 10 day sleep training program, our baby is much more happier and cheerful, his feeds have been corrected and it really makes a difference with the naps. he is now able to sleep through the night with almost no night wakings, and even if he does wake up he is able to put himself to sleep without our intervention. As each night went by, baby became more used to the routine and falling asleep became easier for him.

Anisa was always available, very understanding to our concerns and answered each of our questions to better understand our baby’s sleep needs. As a first time mom this is exactly the support and care I needed from Anisa to make sure I was making the right decision for my baby. My husband and I also sleep better through the night, knowing our baby is sleeping well and all 3 of us wake up feeling refreshed and enjoy our day and time together more.


I would definitely recommend Anisa to any mom and dad for the sleep training programme as this one of the best gifts you can give your baby and yourselves as parents.

– Sameen, Zulfiqar & Baby Khizer (4 Months)